UFC’s ‘Promotional Guideline’ Payouts See Slight Increase With Move To Venum Apparel

Minimal changes have been made to UFC’s “Promotional Guidelines payouts” amid the promotion’s switch from Reebok to Venum apparel. The recent changes in the program see a small increase in payment to fighters who wear Venum clothing to the octagon.

The program looks to pay fighters for wearing UFC’s uniform, which will be designed by Venum going forward. The payments are built off a set structure and operate separately from the fight purses that athletes enter into for bouts.

While the program guarantees a sponsorship and payment to fighters in the UFC, it blocks them from the chance to wear other brands when performing. It also stops them from negotiating sponsorship prices – something that would be possible without the uniform restrictions in place.

Fighters who are competing in their first to third UFC appearance will get paid $4,000 on top of their purse, which is an increase of $500 from the previous structure. A similar increase is applied to people who are making their fourth or fifth UFC appearance, as they will now receive $4,500 instead of $4,000.

Fighters with six to 10 fights in the UFC will see an increase of $1,000, bringing their pay up to $6,000 in total. The same increase is seen in the next three figures that follow. Fighters in their 11th to 15th fight will receive $11,000, athletes in their 16th to 20th bout will get $16,000, and competitors with 21 bouts or more will receive $21,000.

Title challengers and champions see the highest increase, as both figures have gone up by $2,000. Those challenging for belts will now get $32,000, and champions will get $42,000.

UFC’s first event under the Venum partnership is set to happen on April 10th.

UFC’s switch to Venum comes after working with Reebok from 2015 to 2021. An estimated $39.3 million of the reported $70 million dollar deal was paid out to fighters through the structure, per a study done by MMA Junkie.

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