‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 1 Winner Diego Sanchez Cut From UFC Roster

UFC veteran and winner in Season 1 of “The Ultimate Fighter” Diego Sanchez has been released from his UFC contract, per a detailed report from Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports.

Sanchez was reportedly released by the UFC after concerns regarding his “short-term or long-term medical issues.” As outlined by Iole in his report, concerns were first raised when Sanchez’s coach Joshua Fabia requested for the medical records of Sanchez throughout his entire UFC career of more than a decade.

When speaking with UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell, Fabia expressed that Sanchez might be suffering from medical issues. This was of concern to Campbell, who tried to reach out to Sanchez and his attorney Charles N. Lakins for comment about his health.

After Lakins, the attorney for Sanchez, refused to comment, Campbell made the decision to cut Sanchez from the UFC roster on April 27th.

It was previously reported that Sanchez was taken out of a May 8th bout against Donald Cerrone. It is not known currently if Cerrone will get a new opponent for his fight, which is just over a week away.

Sanchez hinted at being out of the UFC roster on Thursday, posting “FREE AT LAST” on his Instagram while tagging numerous combat sports promotions.

Sanchez had also recently posted a video of Fabio during a fight week getting into an argument with UFC’s broadcast crew. The near 20-minute video saw Fabio argue with UFC media, although the issue he was raising with them was hard to decipher.

Sanchez competed in the UFC 32 times from 2005 to 2020.

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