MMA Fighter Philip Keller Charged With First-Degree Premeditated Murder

Content Warning: Mentions of murder, shooting

39-year-old MMA fighter Philip Keller was charged with first-degree premeditated murder on Thursday following the death of his fiancé, known piercing artist Alicia Campitelli.

Details of Keller’s arrest were first revealed in a Facebook video posted by Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Ivey said that authorities first received a call from Keller on May 15th, where he reported that he thought Campitelli was shot and that his house was robbed. He hung up the phone call shortly after. Authorities later arrived at their apartment and pronounced Campitelli dead on scene.

“Deputies noted that Campitelli had visible trauma consistent with a gunshot wound,” said Ivey.

Keller was detained on Thursday after days of investigation that gave authorities justification for an arrest.

An in-depth report from JD Gallop and Tyler Vasquez of Florida Today revealed details from an arrest affidavit, which claims that Keller admitted to the murder when on a phone call with an acquaintance, which detectives were recording.

Keller allegedly admitted to shooting Campitelli two times, also noting that he was under the influence of MDMA at the time, per the affidavit.

During his press conference, Ivey claimed that there was also surveillance footage of Keller making “suspicious financial transactions” using the accounts of Campitelli.

Keller is expected to appear in court on June 17th for an arraignment hearing.

Keller has a pro MMA record of two wins and six losses. He has competed as a pro since 2014.

He most recently appeared twice for Titan FC last year, losing fights to Christian Ynastrilla and Royberth Echeverria.

A fundraiser has been set up in honour of Campitelli, aiming to use the funds to donate to “recovery support” and “children’s charities” in her name. The fund has raised $11,000 since it was opened three days ago.

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