Luis Pena Handed Downgraded Charges In Domestic Violence Case

UFC fighter Luis Pena has received downgraded charges in his ongoing legal battle. The change in charges comes after an alleged victim decided to not proceed with the case.

Documents obtained by Steven Marrocco of MMA Fighting reveal that Pena is now facing misdemeanor charges of simple battery and criminal mischief for a previously alleged June 14th incident with his then-girlfriend. He is also facing a misdemeanor battery charge for a separate alleged incident on May 22nd.

The alleged victim has claimed in an affidavit that she does not want to press charges on Pena.

Pena was previously facing more severe charges of robbery by sudden snatching, battery and criminal mischief.

Pena is currently out on bond. He was arrested two months back in Broward County, Florida, USA, and was held for nine days before being extradited to Palm Beach County and released.

Pena’s attorney, Daniel Martinez, said in a statement to MMA Fighting that he hopes the remaining charges can be dismissed, with programs like anger management being given to Pena.

Pena is expected to appear in court on August 30th in relation to his May 22nd misdemeanor battery charge.

Pena is an eight-time UFC fighter. He last competed in April, where he defeated Alex Munoz via split decision.

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