Retired MMA Veteran Chael Sonnen Given Citations For Alleged Battery Incident

MMA veteran Chael Sonnen was reportedly given five citations for misdemeanor battery following an alleged altercation over the weekend.

Authorities responded to a call on Saturday night at a Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Police detained Sonnen, however, they did not arrest him due to not witnessing the alleged altercation.

A witness of the incident told TMZ that an physical confrontation between Sonnen and another man allegedly broke out in the hotel, although the reason why is unknown.

Sonnen fought at a high level of MMA for over a decade, competing in promotions like UFC and Bellator. He most notably challenged Anderson Silva twice during his title reign, including a tough five-round bout at UFC 117.

Sonnen declared retirement from MMA after losing to Lyoto Machida on a Bellator card in 2019.

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