UFC Pay-Per-View Price To Increase By Five Dollars In U.S. Market

The price for UFC pay-per-view events in the U.S. market has seen yet another increase, going up to $74.99 USD per purchase, as announced Thursday.

The change will go into effect later this month when the promotion hosts UFC 270 on January 22nd.

The news marks another increase in the price of viewing PPV events in the U.S. The last price increase, which was announced in late 2020, was also $5.

A bigger price tag will also be added to the PPV package that is tied to a deal with ESPN+. The package to buy a PPV event and also get a year of ESPN+ has increased by $10, up to $99.98 from $89.98.

ESPN+ deals not associated with PPV purchases will remain unchanged. An annual subscription to the service is currently $69.99, with a subscription that is billed monthly on a recurring basis charging $6.99 each time.

While ESPN+ is not being increased with this news, it has gone up in price twice over the past year-and-a-half. In December 2020, the annual fee went from $50 to $60. In July 2021, it was reported that the price would increase again, moving up to what it goes for now.

The ESPN+ service continues to be a reliant platform for U.S. viewers for the UFC. The online subscription service is currently the exclusive home to purchasing PPV events and is the host of the majority of UFC “Fight Night” cards.

UFC hosts roughly one PPV event per month. In 2021, they aired precisely 12.

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