UFC 271 Loses One Fight, Sees Another Change Weight Classes Following Weigh-Ins

UFC’s February 12th pay-per-view event experienced some changes following the weigh-ins on Friday morning. One fight has recently departed the card, and another has moved up to a higher weight class.

The changes have come to UFC 271, which is set to take place Saturday at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

Perez vs. Schnell Off Card

A flyweight pairing between Alex Perez and Matt Schnell was removed from the card. This came due to Perez missing weight by two pounds.

Schnell declined to take the bout after Perez missed weight, per a report from MMA Fighting.

This is now the fourth time that a fight between Perez and Schnell has been removed from a card. UFC has attempted the fight four times since last year but it has been removed from numerous cards for varying reasons.

“Nothing I can do to change the past all I can do is use this as a learning experience,” said Perez in a post addressing the weigh-in.

Knight vs. Grishin Moved To Heavyweight Following Huge Miss

William Knight’s fight against Maxim Grishin was moved up to heavyweight after a historic weight miss.

Knight missed the light heavyweight mark by a whopping 12 pounds on Friday, causing the bout to get moved up to the promotion’s heaviest division.

Knight will also receive a penalty for this miss, as 40 percent of his purse was taken away.

The other 13 fights expected for UFC 271 made weight without any issues, including a championship main event between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker.

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