ONE Championship: King of the Jungle Live Coverage

Returning to Singapore, ONE Championship presents “King of the Jungle” on Friday morning, live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Headlining the show is a double-header of championship bouts. In the main event, Stamp Fairtex will try to make the first defence of her ONE Kickboxing Atomweight Championship (115 lbs) against Janet Todd. The show also sees Sam-A Gaiyanghadao defend his ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Championship (125 lbs) against Rocky Ogden. Follow along through the morning as live updates come in!

Tonight’s ONE event was held in a circular cage.

Quick Results – Click a fight to skip to it:

Lead Card (5:00AM EST / 6:00PM SGT)

Bout 1: Jeff Chan def. Radeem Rahman via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 2, 2:00)

Bout 2: Murad Ramazanov def. Bae Myung Ho via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 4:53)

Bout 3: Ritu Phogat def. Wu Chiao Chen via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 4: Honorio Banario def. Shannon Wiratchai via Decision, Split

Bout 5: Troy Worthen def. Mark Fairtex Abelardo via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 6: Denice Zamboanga def. Mei Yamaguchi via Decision, Unanimous

Main Card (7:30AM EST / 8:30PM SGT)

Bout 7: Tiffany Teo def. Ayaka Miura via TKO, Punches (RD 3, 4:45)

Bout 8: Yoshihiro Akiyama def. Sherif Mohamed via KO, Punch (RD 1, 3:04)

Bout 9: Kimihiro Eto def. Amir Khan via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 1:39)

Bout 10: Sam-A Gaiyanghadao def. Rocky Ogden via Decision, Unanimous (ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Championship)

Bout 11: Janet Todd def. Stamp Fairtex via Decision, Split (ONE Atomweight Kickboxing Championship)

Live Coverage:

Lead Card

Bout 1: Radeem Rahman (3-2) vs. Jeff Chan (3-1) (145 lbs) (MMA Bout)

The first “lead card” fight of the evening saw Canada’s Jeff Chan make his ONE debut against Radeem Rahman. For those who don’t know, Chan has a successful Youtube page called “MMAShredded.” Chan tried for a takedown early, although Rahman did a good job to keep it in a clinch. Chan had some good striking early on. Rahman tried for a takedown, although when they went to the ground it was Chan that got top position. Chan kept top position for almost all of the round, landing strikes periodically.

Chan was doing lots of leg kicks to start the second round. Rahman clinched up after a leg kick, but just like last time he tried for a takedown, he landed on his back. Chan took Rahman’s back after a minute on the ground. He tried for a rear naked choke, getting Rahman to tap out quickly. In a successful first fight in ONE, Jeff Chan got a dominant ground performance.

Bout 2: Murad Ramazanov (5-0) vs. Bae Myung Ho (17-6-1) (185 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Undefeated Russian MMA fighter Murad Ramazanov made his ONE debut in the next fight, facing Bae Myung Ho. Bae was landing leg kicks early in the first round. Ramazanov shot for a takedown after a two-punch combination. Getting a loud slamming takedown, Ramazanov kept control on the ground for many minutes. They got to their feet, however Ramazanov threw Bae down from a body lock. He picked up the pace of strikes as the rougn was closing out. After a dozen or so unanswered strikes, the referee stepped in. It only took one round for Murad Ramazanov to extend his pro record to six wins in a row.

Bout 3: Ritu Phogat (1-0) vs. Wu Chiao Chen (2-1) (115 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Making her return after a successful debut, Ritu Phogat fought Wu Chiao Chen in the third preliminary matchup of the show. Phogat was the more advancing fighter early on. They both landed some good singular strikes. Phogat got a takedown in the second minute of the fight. From top position, Phogat mostly focused on landing strikes. She held the position until the round ended.

Phogat was quick to get another takedown in the second round. After many minutes of being hit with grounded strikes, Wu worked to her feet in the final minute of the round. The round ended in a clinch.

In the third round, Phogat opened a clinch after landing a punch. She got another takedown from the clinch. In full mount, Phogat landed a few elbows in a row to the head. While Wu kept moving from the bottom position, this was arguably Phogat’s best round. Three rounds of wrestling and ground and pound gave Ritu Phogat her second pro win, the first being from a unanimous decision.

Bout 4: Shannon Wiratchai (9-5) vs. Honorio Banario (14-10) (155 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Continuing on the prelims, experienced 155-pound fighters Shannon Wiratchai and Honorio Banario fought. Wiratchai wore an costume to the cage that made it look like an alien was carrying him. Wiratchai landed a good combination of punches in the second minute before a long clinch battle started. Wiratchai controlled this round, being the more powerful striker. After a back-and-forth exchange on the ground, Banario held side control with a minute to go in the round.

Banario caught a leg kick early in the second round, going into a clinch against the cage due to it. Banario eventually got a trip takedown. Banario kept the position for the rest of the round, throwing strikes every once in a while.

Banario put Wiratchai up against the cage in the clinch early in the final round. This time however, they didn’t go to the ground. A pause came in the second minute as Banario needed the tape fixed on his gloves. Banario failed for another takedown halfway through the round. He finally got a takedown with two minutes left in the round. They got back up with just over a minute left in the round. Banario failed a third takedown attempt. Catching a kick, Banario scored another takedown with 30 seconds left in the fight. He landed a few short strikes from top position before the fight ran out of time. Going to the scorecards, a split decision broke the three-fight losing streak of Honorio Banario.

Bout 5: Troy Worthen (6-0) vs. Mark Fairtex Abelardo (19-6) (145 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Both looking to build on previous wins in ONE, Troy Worthen and Mark Fairtex Abelardo battled in the fifth matchup. Heading into this fight, Worthen was undefeated as a professional MMA fighter. Abelardo caught a leg kick early, dumping Worthen. He got back up and returned to striking. Abelardo got dripped from a kick halfway through the round, however the way he recovered made it seem like he wasn’t actually hurt by the strike. Worthen got a takedown with two minutes to go, getting on the back of Abelardo.

The first few minutes of the second round were a striking battle. Worthen felt like the better striker for the few minutes. Worthen earned a takedown with a minute and a half to go. Abelardo got to his feet with 40 seconds to go.

Worthen got a takedown early in the final round after landing a clean combination of strikes. They got back to their feet in a clinch halfway through the round. Worthen controlled Abelardo against the cage, going from the ground to the feet many times. Abelardo had a flurry of strikes on the feet in the final seconds of the fight. Needing scorecards to find a winner, it was Troy Worthen who got the unanimous decision win.

Bout 6: Mei Yamaguchi (21-11-1) vs. Denice Zamboanga (6-0) (115 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Finishing off the lead card, undefeated Filipino fighter Denice Zamboanga faced experienced Japanese fighter Mei Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi shot for a takedown in the first minute, however Zamboanga was able to stop it, keeping the fight in the clinch. Zamboanga kept Yamaguchi against the cage for a minute before going back to stand-up. Another takedown attempt from Yamaguchi was stopped, with Zamboanga taking top position on the ground this time. Yamaguchi got ahold of one leg, trying to get a takedown from it. Zamboanga refused to let that happen. The final minute of the round closed out with a combination of great punches from Zamboanga.

Zamboanga was the more dominant puncher to start the second round. Yamaguchi got her first takedown of the fight halfway through the round. Zamboanga was able to take top position with a minute to go, throwing punches to the head. Yamaguchi tried for a heel hook, however Zamboanga was never really threatened by it. Zamboanga did a little dance while going to her corner. That seems to be the trend in ONE.

Yamaguchi was showing damage on her face at the start of the final round. She tried for another takedown in the first minute of the third round, with Zamboanga blocking it. At happened again halfway through the round. Zamboanga kept Yamaguchi in a clinch against the cage for a couple of minutes. Going to the scorecard, it was clear that Denise Zamboanga would get the unanimous decision win.

Main Card

Bout 7: Tiffany Teo (8-1) vs. Ayaka Miura (10-2) (125 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Starting off the main card, Tiffany “No Chill” Teo and Ayaka Miura fought in an MMA fight. Miura pulled guard early, letting Teo take her back. Miura was able to transition into top position in side control. They got back to their feet, where Teo was able to get on Miura’s back and go back down. Miura pretty seamlessly got back into top position. From side control, Miura put in a triangle choke, however Teo was able to endure and eventually escape. The round ended in stand-up.

Miura shot for a takedown to start the second round. Teo got on Miura’s back as they went to the ground. They went back to striking, although Miura had taken some punches while Teo was on her back. Miura put Teo against the cage in a clinch. They went to the ground again with Miura giving up her back and eating punches. Back on the feet with two minutes to go, Teo had Miura taking strikes and retreating. Miura shot for a takedown in the final minute, however Teo stuffed it. Teo landed knees to the head while Miura kept ahold of one leg.

Teo stopped another takedown early in the final round. Again a minute later. Teo was also successful in stand-up. She landed a knee to Miura after stopping another takedown. Miura failed for another takedown in the final minute. On the ground, Teo landed strikes to Miura until the referee ended the fight. Tiffany Teo breaks the winning and stoppage streak of Ayaka Miura with a striking performance.

Bout 8: Yoshihiro Akiyama (14-7) vs. Sherif Mohamed (9-5) (185 lbs) (MMA Bout)

The next fight saw Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama face Sherif Mohamed. Both fighters were going into this fight trying to break a two-fight losing streak. Mohamed charged forward with punches in the first minute. Both fighters were throwing fast and impactful strikes. Mohamed was the much more active striker, however he wasn’t connecting with much. Akiyama landed a leg kick in the third minute which seemingly hurt Mohamed. While Mohamed was charging forward with strikes, one of his legs gave out on him while he was hit with a right hand, causing him to fall. Akyama landed a few strikes before the referee stepped in. After the fight, Akiyama asked for a ONE show in South Korea.

Bout 9: Amir Khan (12-6) vs. Kimihiro Eto (16-5-2) (170 lbs) (MMA Bout)

In the final fight before championship bouts, Singapore’s Amir Khan fought Kimihiro Eto. Eto tried for a takedown from a clinch in the first minute. Khan put Eto against the cage in a clinch. Eto was able to get a takedown in the second minute. He tried for a rear naked choke, with Khan tapping out eventually. Bouncing back from a loss, Kimihiro Eto gets a fast submission victory over Amir Khan.

Bout 10: Sam-A Gaiyanghadao vs. Rocky Ogden (125 lbs) (ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Championship)

The co-main event of the show was the first of two championship bouts. Sam-A Gaiyanghadao fought Rocky Ogden for the inaugural ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Championship. Just like all ONE Muay Thai bouts, this was done with MMA gloves. As expected, the firwst round was a feeling out process by both fighters.

Sam-A had a good charge forward of strikes at the end of the second round. They stared each other down for a moment before they went to their corners at the end of the round.

Sam-A had a great final minute of the third round, with the striking almost being one-way traffic.

Sam-A threw lots of high kicks in the fourth round. A minute into the round, Sam-A caught a kick for a sweep. A dumped him to the ground again in the final minute of the round. Sam-A snapped Ogden’s head back with a high kick in the fourth round.

Clearly down on the scorecards, Ogden had three more minutes to make a difference. However, Sam-A continued to press forward and apply the pressure with strikes. The fight went the distance, with Sam-A Gaiyanghadao being crowned the first ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Champion.

Bout 11: Stamp Fairtex vs. Janet Todd (115 lbs) (ONE Atomweight Kickboxing Championship)


Main eventing the card, Stamp Fairtex attempted to make the first defence of her ONE Atomweight Kickboxing Championship against Janet Todd. This fight was a rematch from a Muay Thai matchup in 2019. As this was a kickboxing bout, the fighters were wearing the promotion’s kickboxing gloves. Both fighters had a fast start, slowing down a little in the second half of the first round.

Todd landed a good head kick in the second round. Stamp caught a second head kick, moving forward and landing a counter-strike. The referee warned her about taking more than one step.

In the third round, Stamp was warned again. The striking was still very close. It was hard to tell who got the upper hand most of the time.

The fighters continued to go blow-for-blow through the fourth round.

Stamp had a good flurry of strikes in the first minute of the third round. With two minutes left in the fight, the referee warned them about action. The fight kept a fast pace for all 15 minutes, going to the scorecards after five rounds. When going to the judges, it was a split decision that went in the way of Janet Todd.

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