ONE Championship: No Surrender 3 Play-by-Play

This article is the play-by-play to accompany the live coverage article being done for ONE Championship’s “No Surrender 3” event. Live coverage for the show can be viewed here.

Quick Results:

Main Card (8:30AM EDT / 7:30PM ICT)

Bout 1: Ben Royle def. Quitin Thomas via TKO, RD 3

Bout 2: Marie Ruumet def. Little Tiger via Decision (Muay Thai Bout)

Bout 3: Wondergirl Fairtex def. Brooke Farrell via TKO, RD 1 (Muay Thai Bout)

Bout 4: Shannon Wiratchai def. Fabio Pinca via Decision (MMA Bout)

Bout 5: Mongkolpetch Petchyindee Academy def. Sok Thy via Decision (Muay Thai Bout)

Bout 6: Kulabdam Sor. Jor. Piek Uthai def. Sangmanee Klong Suanpluresort via TKO, RD 1 (Muay Thai)


Bout 1: Ben Royle (4-1) vs. Quitin Thomas (1-0) (155 lbs) (MMA Bout)

The fight started slow with both fighters poking each other with jabs. As the striking sped up during the first round, Royle started to be the fighter who was pressing forward more with strikes.

Thomas started the second round by landing a jab to the body and head. Thomas seemingly got hurt in the second minute of the second round due to leg kicks. Royle continued to throw leg kicks as he saw they were clearly damaging Thomas. Thomas was able to switch stances and continue striking without being dropped by the kicks.

Royle seemingly dropped Thomas in the fourth round of the fight with a hook. Moments later, Royle landed a combination of hooks that dropped Thomas and ended the fight.

Bout 2: Marie Ruumet vs. Little Tiger (115 lbs) (Muay Thai Bout)

Ruumet was connected with combinations when leaving clinches she initiated. Ruumet strung together a series of elbows to Tiger’s head in the second minute of the fight. A pause came in the final minute of the fight to check out the swelling on Tiger’s face. The fight resumed after the short break.

Ruumet had a strong second round, consistently coming forward with strikes throughout the round. Tiger was still in the fight, although she was not landing with the volume that Ruumet was.

The third round was much of the same with Ruumet out-striking Tiger. Tiger was able to advance on the feet more in this round, although Ruumet had her success on the back feet.

Bout 3: Wondergirl Fairtex vs. Brooke Farrell (125 lbs) (Muay Thai Bout)

Wondergirl came forward with punches early, dropping Farrell with punches. Charging forward with punches again, Wondergirl dropped Farrell to end the fight.

Bout 4: Shannon Wiratchai (9-6) vs. Fabio Pinca (0-0) (155 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Wiratchai caught a leg kick for a clinch in the second minute of the fight. Putting Pinca against the ropes, the fight stayed in the clinch. Wiratchai almost got a takedown, although the ropes stopped them from going down. The referee separated them with half of the round to go. The fight was slow paced back in stand-up, with Pinca landing a series of leg kicks later in the round. Pinca slipped after throwing a head kick, allowing Wiratchai to take him to the ground and throw ground and pound before the round ran out of time.

Pinca was dropped in the third minute of the second round with a spinning backfist that landed clean. Wiratchai landed punches from full guard before Pinca was able to return to his feet.

A pause came in the third round after a groin strike caught Wiratchai. Wiratchai landed a hard right hook to the head after they resumed. Pinca connected with many leg kicks in the third round just like he did in the rounds before. Pinca had Wiratchai on his backfoot as the fight went into it’s concluding moments.

Bout 5: Mongkolpetch Petchyindee Academy vs. Sok Thy (135 lbs) (Muay Thai Bout)

The first round was a close feeling out process that saw both fighters have their moments. Thy was confident in the first round, taunting in-between strikes sometimes.

The second and third round were similar to the first. While Thy had his moments with strikes, Mongkolpetch was connected with accurately and with a higher volume. After three rounds, Mongkolpetch was given the decision.

Bout 6: Sangmanee Klong Suanpluresort vs. Kulabdam Sor. Jor. Piek Uthai (145 lbs) (Muay Thai)

The first two minutes of the fight were slow paced as the fighters got a feel for each other. Kulabdam landed a left-cross in the third minute of the fight that dropped Sangmanee, ending the fight instantly.

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