LFA 92: Wirth vs. Askar Live Coverage

LFA is scheduled to offer a selection of fights on Friday night from the Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas, USA. Follow along throughout the evening for live coverage.

A full preview of the show can be read here.

Quick Results:

Main Card (9:00PM EDT / 8:00PM CDT) (UFC Fight Pass)

Bout 1: Christian Natividad def. Jose Holguin via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 0:29)

Bout 2: Slava Borshchev def. Ali Zebian via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 3: Rodney Kealohi def. Mefi Monterroso via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 0:30)

Bout 4: Ricky Furar def. Jacob Thrall via TKO, Injury (RD 3, 1:08)

Bout 5: Dakota Bush def. Brian Del Rosario via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 2:38)

Bout 6: Antonio dos Santos Jr. def. Andre Fialho via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 7: Askar Askar def. Kevin Wirth via Decision, Unanimous

Live Coverage:

Bout 7: Kevin Wirth (8-1) vs. Askar Askar (10-1) (Bantamweight)

Askar Puts On Strong Main Event Win Over Wirth

Askar Askar had a strong showing in the main event, taking a unanimous decision victory over Kevin Wirth. Askar had the better performance throughout, whether it was on the feet or on the ground.

The win saw Askar bounce back from his first loss as a pro, which came back in February.

“I just need more time in the cage,” said Aksar in his post-fight interview.

Askar had a hot start to the fight, dropping Wirth with a two-punch combination early in the first round.

Askar scored a takedown to start the second round. They returned to the feet eventually where he pressured Wirth with strikes.

A large portion of the third round saw Askar in control on the ground after scoring a takedown on Wirth.

Askar previously picked up wins in other promotions life Titan FC, Island Fights and Victory FC.

The loss snapped a three-fight streak of wins for Wirth, including a win in LFA and CFFC.

Askar versus Wirth play-by-play.

Bout 6: Andre Fialho (10-3) vs. Antonio dos Santos Jr. (8-4) (Catchweight 180 lbs)

Former UFC Fighter Dos Santos Jr. Wins LFA Debut

Antonio dos Santos Jr. won his LFA debut in the co-main event, enduring a 15-minute fight against Andre Fialho.

The fight saw Dos Santos Jr. control mostly with strikes, although he had to evade trouble at times when Fialho landed his own explosive shots.

Fialho’s best round was the second, as he repeatedly stunned Dos Santos Jr. with punches.

The third round saw both fighters heavily tired. Dos Santos kept control in the round with clinches and work on the ground.

Fialho previously fought in the 2019 PFL season, losing the two fights he was booked in.

Dos Santos Jr. came into the fight on a two-fight streak of wins. He has fought in the UFC twice, having lost both of his fights in his run from 2014 to 2015.

The fight was moved from welterweight to a catchweight of 180-pounds on short notice.

Dos Santos Jr. versus Fialho play-by-play.

Bout 5: Dakota Bush (6-2) vs. Brian Del Rosario (5-3) (Lightweight)

Bush Gets Into Win Column Against Del Rosario

Dakota Bush showed his skill on the ground, catching Brian Del Rosario with a rear naked choke in the first round to win.

Bush scored a takedown early in the fight that lead to the finish. He took the back of Del Rosario, putting in a rear naked choke after letting some punches go.

Del Rosario tapped out to the choke, although he passed out before the fight was stopped.

Del Rosario took the fight on short notice, replacing AJ Nichols.

The fight was Bush’s sixth in LFA. His previous fight was a loss last May to now-Bellator fighter Jaleel Willis.

Bush versus Del Rosario play-by-play.

Bout 4: Jacob Thrall (6-3-1) vs. Ricky Furar (4-2) (Bantamweight)

Injury Ends The Night For Thrall

A close fight came to an abrupt end in the third round, as a takedown injured the knee of Jacob Thrall, stopping the fight and giving a win to Ricky Furar.

Thrall screamed in pain late in the fight after Furar slammed him to the ground. Furar landed numerous similar slam takedowns previously in the fight.

The earlier rounds were also close and competitive. Furar often landed takedowns, while Thrall had moments with choke attempts.

Furar bounced back from his previous fight, a loss to Kyle Estrada at LFA 69.

The fight was the second-straight loss for Thrall.

Furar versus Thrall play-by-play.

Bout 3: Mefi Monterroso (5-1) vs. Rodney Kealohi (4-1) (Flyweight)

Body Shot Earns Kealohi Win

Rodney Kealohi had a hectic and quick victory, stopping Mefi Monterroso in 30 seconds with strikes.

Kealohi knocked Monterroso down early with a knee to the body as part of an exchange. Kealohi landed punches on the ground until the referee stopped the fight.

“I actually thought he was going to shoot [for a takedown], so I was expecting to hit him in the chin with that [knee],” said Kealohi, explaining the finish of the fight in the post-fight interview.

The win was Kealohi’s fourth-straight as a pro, all of them being stoppage wins.

The fight was Monterroso’s return to MMA after two losses in professional boxing.

Kealohi versus Monterroso play-by-play.

Bout 2: Slava Borshchev (1-0) vs. Ali Zebian (4-1) (Lightweight)

Borshchev Wins LFA Debut Over Zebian

Slava Borshchev won his LFA debut on the main card, picking up a unanimous decision over Ali Zebian. The win saw Borshchev deny takedowns and connect with a high volume of strikes.

The style matchup saw Borshchev’s kickboxing face against Zebian’s wrestling.

Borshchev landed numerous leg kicks early in the fight that started to hurt Zebian in the second round.

The loss ended a three-fight streak of losses for Zebian.

Borshchev versus Zebian play-by-play.

Bout 1: Christian Natividad (1-0) vs. Jose Holguin (0-0) (Bantamweight)

Natividad Picks Up Second Win In 29 Seconds

Christian Natividad returned to the cage with an explosive win, stopping Jose Holguin in under a minute with punches.

Natividad knocked Holguin out with a right hand after dropping him with a two-punch combination.

“We took it short notice, so there wasn’t as much pressure as normal,” said Natividad in his post-fight interview.

Natividad made his pro debut in July, stopping Leivon Lewis in under a round.

The fight was the pro debut for Holguin.

Natividad versus Holguin play-by-play.

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