UFC on ESPN 16: Joshua Culibao vs. Charles Jourdain Play-by-Play

Both looking to come back from a previous loss, Joshua Culibao and Charles Jourdain fought on Saturday’s prelims. The fight went like this.

Bout 5: Joshua Culibao (8-1) vs. Charles Jourdain (10-3) (Featherweight)

Jourdain looked for a flying knee to start the fight. Culibao caught a leg kick and attempted a takedown in the first minute. Culibao was not able to finish a takedown from the body lock, separating after a minute. Culibao dropped Jourdain in the third minute with a right hook. Culbiao attempted a guillotine choke after Jourdain got to the feet. Jourdain started to bleed from his nose. Jourdain was able to escape the choke, going into a clinch after. Jourdain started to look for a guillotine choke on the feet, taking the fight to the ground with it. Culibao escaped the choke and went back to the feet with 30 seconds left.

The striking was close to start the second round. A timeout came halfway through the round due to an eye poke, as Culibao self-admittedly poked himself in the eye. They were quick to return to action. Culibao shot for a takedown in the final minute of the fight. Jourdain went to the ground in an attempt to put in a choke. He stayed on top of Culibao until the round concluded.

Culbao tried for a takedown from a body lock to start the second round. Jourdain was able to stop the attempt and return to striking eventually. A punch hurt Culibao during an exchange, causing him to retreat. A groin shot to Jourdain caused a break of only a few moments in the round. Culibao seemingly slipped, attempting a takedown after. Jourdain tried for a guillotine choke, taking control in half guard while putting it in. Jourdain let the choke go, letting punches go from the position. Jourdain was moved into full guard after attempting an arm triangle choke. Jourdain stood up and threw a kick that made Culibao scream in pain. The referee said it was to the leg and not the groin, causing Jourdain the charge down and take the back of Culibao. Jourdain put in a reverse triangle while trying to grab a hold of an arm of Culibao. Culibao escaped the choke and got to the feet for the closing moments of the fight. Needing judges to find a winner, the fight was ruled a split draw (30-27 Jourdain, 29-28 Culibao & 28-28).

RESULT: Joshua Culibao vs. Charles Jourdain via Decision, Draw

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Culibao 10 9 9 28
Jourdain 9 10 10 29

Live coverage of the full show can be viewed here.

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