UFC on ESPN+ 37: Ali Alqaisi vs. Tony Kelley Play-by-Play

Both looking to rebound from previous losses in the UFC, Ali Alqaisi and Tony Kelley fought on Saturday’s UFC show. Here’s how their fight panned out.

Bout 4: Ali Alqaisi (8-4) vs. Tony Kelley (6-2) (Bantamweight)

Alqaisi caught a leg kick early in the first round for a takedown. Kelley tried for a triangle choke from the bottom, although Alqaisi was able to leave the position and attempt a guillotine choke. Alqaisi let the choke go, keeping a hold of Kelley’s back after. He went back to attempting a guillotine choke in the third minute of the fight, moving to his back while still applying it. Kelley was able to escape the choke and return to the feet in a clinch. Alqaisi got a takedown from the clinch, although Kelley was quick to attempt a triangle choke from the bottom. Kelley got a hold of an arm from the position, trying for an armbar while holding Alqaisi’s neck. They kept the position until the round concluded.

The first couple of minutes in the second round saw a slow pace of striking on the feet. Kelley landed a knee in the third minute of the round that wobbled Alqaisi. The fight went to the ground, with Kelley taking control on top. Alqaisi got back to the feet in a clinch, getting a takedown from the position, taking side control on top after. He moved into full guard, where Kelley threatened a triangle choke for a moment. Alqaisi tried for a guillotine choke just before the round ran out of time.

Alqaisi was quick to land a takedown from the clinch in the third round. Kelley got up to his feet and returned to striking. A knee to the head hurt Alqaisi in the first minute of the round, allowing Kelley to take the fight to the ground again. Kelley landed punches and looked for chokes until Alqaisi worked his way up to his feet in a body lock. Kelley was able to score a takedown from the clinch in the second minute, but he got the fight back to the feet moments later. Kelley stopped a takedown in the third minute of the round. Alqaisi landed a spinning backfist in the third minute of the round. A groin strike in the fourth minute of the round caused a break in the action. Kelley stopped a single leg takedown in the final minute of the round. The fighters got in each other’s faces after the fight concluded. They were pulled apart by officials after. Kelley got the win after three rounds (30-27, 29-28 & 29-28).

RESULT: Tony Kelley def. Ali Alqaisi via Decision, Unanimous

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Alqaisi 9 9 9 27
Kelley 10 10 10 30

Live coverage of the entire show can be viewed here.

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