CFFC 99: Hodge vs. Rodriguez Live Coverage

Filling in the primetime Saturday night spot that is usually filled by the UFC, CFFC will present a series of bouts tonight. The card includes many amateur fighters, some pro newcomers and many undefeated prospects. In the main event, rising featherweights Deandre Johnson and Jose Perez meet.

The event is the promotion’s return to The Fitz Casino Hotel in Tunica, Mississippi, USA.

Follow along throughout the evening for updates.

A full preview of the card can be viewed here.

Quick Results:

Preliminary Card (6:00PM EDT / 5:00PM CDT) (Facebook)

Bout 1: Jonny Morales def. Gannon Hayes via Submission, Guillotine Choke (RD 2, 1:00) (Amateur)

Bout 2: Noah Waalk def. Harrison Pait via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 2:59) (Amateur)

Bout 3: Brennan Glass def. Jamie Fisk via Submission, Arm Triangle Choke (RD 1, 1:30) (Amateur)

Bout 4: Lucas Hoffman def. Harvey Mardis via Decision, Unanimous (Amateur)

Bout 5: Jartavis Jackson def. Evaniel Johnson via TKO, Strikes (RD 2, 0:31) (Amateur)

Bout 6: Joe Pass def. Frankie Shughart via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 0:46)

Main Card (8:00PM EDT / 7:00PM CDT) (UFC Fight Pass)

Bout 7: Ben Coyle def. Joe Tran via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 1:59)

Bout 8: Lydell Poag def. Stavros Moustakakis via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 0:22)

Bout 9: Timothy Cuamba def. James Lyons via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 10: Da’Mon Blackshear def. Mateo Vogel via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 11: Nah-shon Burrell def. Khetag Pliev via TKO, Strikes (RD 3, 1:56)

Bout 12: Deandre Anderson def. Jose Perez via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 0:11)

Live Coverage:

Bout 12: Deandre Anderson (4-0) vs. Jose Perez (4-0) (Featherweight)

Anderson Wins CFFC Debut, Remains Undefeated With 11-Second Stoppage

Deandre Anderson needed just one punch to win in the main event of CFFC 99, stopping Jose Perez in just 11 seconds with a left hook.

Anderson connected with a left hook in the opening moments of the fight, flooring Perez. Anderson went down to follow-up with a punch on the ground but wasn’t able to connect with a shot before the referee intervened and stopped the bout.

Anderson is now undefeated with five wins as a pro. Saturday’s appearance made him the first fighter to hand Perez a loss.

Previous wins in Anderson’s career came in years before, as he did not compete earlier in 2021 or in 2020. His first three pro bouts were in King of the Cage, where he scored wins in a two-year stretch from 2018 to 2019.

Perez was already recognized by the CFFC crowd for his trio of submissions under their lights.

He had last appeared in May, where he stopped then-undefeated Jaleon Reid within a round with a rear naked choke. Notably he has also scored a rare banana split submission before.

Perez is still in his rookie year as a pro, having competed five times in 12 months.

Bout 11: Nah-shon Burrell (17-11) vs. Khetag Pliev (5-1) (Catchweight 175 lbs)

Veteran Burrell Finishes Pliev Late With Left Hands

A trio of knockdowns from Nah-shon Burrell finished his fight against Khetag Pliev in the third round.

Left hands from Burrell caused the finish in the third round.

He first knocked Pliev down early in the third round with a left hook.

Pliev was quick to work on the ground after the takedown, getting back to the feet shortly after. Burrell scored another knockdown only moments later. When Pliev returned to his feet for the third time he was visibly wobbled. Connecting with a left cross, Burrell dropped Pliev again and caused the referee to end the fight.

The fight was a close battle prior to the third round.

Burrell, an MMA veteran with experience in the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce and more, entered Saturday on a two-fight win streak from appearances in CFFC. After his win, he called for a UFC fight or a CFFC title fight.

Pliev was returning after taking a gruesome injury earlier this year that saw one of his fingers snapped off his hand. The bout took him out of his CFFC debut against Devin Goodale, causing that fight to end in a no contest.

Pliev’s finger was later fully re-attached in a surgery.

Bout 10: Da’Mon Blackshear (9-4) vs. Mateo Vogel (5-1) (Bantamweight)

Blackshear Prevails In Close Battle Against Vogel, Earns First CFFC Win

Da’Mon Blackshear prevailed over Mateo Vogel in a close back-and-forth battle bantamweight fight on the main card (29-28, 29-28 & 29-28).

Blackshear started the fight hot, with Vogel making it a much closer battle later on.

Blackshear had a strong opening round to the fight. He knocked Vogel down with a left hand early in the round, allowing him to take control on the ground for a few minutes. Despite being threatened by a leg submission for a moment, Blackshear had controlled the position.

They returned to their feet later in the round, but Blackshear earned another takedown before the round concluded.

Vogel had a much better second round, getting the fight down and attempting numerous submissions.

The closest round was the final one. Vogel was active on the feet, but Blackshear was able to notch more control time and do damage with knees in a clinch.

Blackshear was coming off a submission victory he earned on a CES card earlier this year. He was returning to CFFC for the first time since 2018. His previous fight in the promotion was a loss.

Vogel won his CFFC debut in April with a submission win against Garrett Armfield. The fight was his U.S. debut, as his five previous bouts took place in Canada.

Bout 9: Timothy Cuamba (2-0) vs. James Lyons (2-0) (Featherweight)

Cuamba Nearly Stopts Lyons With Punches, Settles With Decision Win

After nearly closing out his fight in the first round, Timothy Cuamba fought to a unanimous decision win over James Lyons and extended his undefeated record to a trio of wins (30-27, 30-26 & 30-25).

The fight started close with both fighters having a back-and-forth battle on the feet. Cuamba eventually took control of the fight, keeping Lyons against the cage and taking over the output of strikes. Lyons didn’t have much of a match for Cuamba’s striking, and the frequent shots caused a visible amount of damage to his face.

Lyons wasn’t in as much trouble in the second and third rounds, although Cuamba continued to control the fight with his striking skills.

Cuamba now has three pro wins. The rookie pro fighter previously defeated Frank Wells and Joshua Francis on CFFC cards.

Lyons’ two previous pro bouts had also taken place in CFFC. He had a first-round stoppage win in his first two pro fights, defeating Cody Zappone and Beau Samaniego.

Bout 8: Lydell Poag (0-0) vs. Stavros Moustakakis (0-0) (Middleweight)

Poag Lands Two Elbows For KO Debut Win

Lydell Poag’s dangerous strength was quickly displayed on Saturday, knocking out Stavros Moustakakis within a minute with just a pair of elbows.

Moustakakis nearly took Poag down in the first few moments, although Poag was able to quickly reverse the position and get a takedown of his own. He then landed two elbows from full guard that knocked Moustakakis and finished the fight.

Both fighters were appearing as a pro for the first time in their career.

Poag had previously appeared as an amateur. MMA database Tapology shows that he won an amateur fight earlier this year, stopping a fighter within a round in March.

Bout 7: Joe Tran (0-0) vs. Ben Coyle (0-1) (Flyweight)

Coyle Bounces Back From Debut Loss, Earns First Pro Win

Ben Coyle earned his first pro win in the opening bout of the main card, getting a first-round stoppage victory over Joe Tran. Coyle exposed Tran’s persistence to attempting a leg submission, using that position to land strikes and end the fight.

Tran caught a leg kick early in the fight to get the bout to the ground. He went for a leg submission on the ground, grabbing a foot of Coyle. Coyle was able to escape the position shortly after, taking full guard on top and landing punches.

Tran was able to get the leg of Coyle again on the ground, although Coyle continued with punches while on top. The referee suddenly decided to stop the fight during the exchange. Tran disputed the stoppage afterward, seemingly disputing the decision to end it that early.

The crowd, which was audibly in favour of Tran, booed the result.

Coyle was returning after losing his pro debut last year to now-CFFC champ Phumi Nkuta.

Tran was turning pro after earning six wins and two losses as an amateur from 2017 to 2020.

Bout 6: Frankie Shughart (1-2) vs. Joe Pass (1-1) (Catchweight)

Shughart Scores Fast Win In Front of Fanbase

Joe Pass needed less than a minute to score a win on the prelims, defeating Frankie Shughart with a rear naked choke.

Pass secured a takedown early and took the back of Shughart. Despite not being in the complete textbook position for the rear naked choke, he was able to get his arm under the chin of Shughart and force a tap.

Pass was returning for the first time in over a year. His last win, his previous victory, also came within a round in 2019.

Pass had a large and vocal crowd supporting him at the event.

Shughart now has a negative record of one win and three losses.

Bout 5: Jartavis Jackson (5-1) vs. Evaniel Johnson (4-2) (Amateur Bantamweight)

Jackson Bounces Back From Sole Loss With Damaging Punches

Jartavis Jackson showed his explosive punches in the final amateur bout of the card, stopping Evaniel Johnson early in the second round.

Jackson was able to drop Johnson moments into the second round with a right cross. He was quick to follow Johnson down to the ground, landing a series of punches in guard that forced the fight to end.

The fight puts Jackson back into the win column after suffering his some amateur loss last year.

Johnson was entering the cage after earning a stoppage win in March.

Bout 4: Lucas Hoffman (0-0) vs. Harvey Mardis (1-1) (Amateur Featherweight)

Hoffman Sweeps Scorecards In Amateur Debut

Lucas Hoffman put on a grinding performance for his first amateur win, keeping Harvey Mardis on his back for the majority of a three-round fight (30-27, 30-27 & 30-27).

All rounds were similar for Hoffman. He frequently took Mardis down, taking full guard and unloading with a steady pace of punches from the position.

The victory was Hoffman’s first amateur appearance. Mardis now has a record of one win and two losses.

Bout 3: Brennan Glass (1-1) vs. Jamie Fisk (0-1) (Amateur Catchweight)

Glass Stops Short-Notice Opponent Fisk Early With Submission

Brennan Glass scored a win in his return on Saturday, defeating Jamie Fisk within a round with a head and arm choke. The straight-forward win for Glass saw him secure a takedown then move into an arm triangle choke that eventually caused the tap from Fisk.

Glass was able to get the submission while in half guard, a rare position to secure the choke.

The fight was Glass’ first appearance since 2019, where he earned a win and a loss as an amateur.

Fisk took the fight on just a days notice, per the broadcast.

Bout 2: Harrison Pait (1-0) vs. Noah Waalk (1-1) (Amateur Catchweight)

Waalk Closes Out Dominant One-Round Performance In Second-Last Second

A dominant one-round performance from Noah Waalk earned him his second amateur victory. His fight against Harrison Pait saw him showcase striking and grappling skills.

Waalk hurt Pait with a punch in the second minute. He stayed pressed on him after, charging forward and securing a takedown eventually. After not being able to secure a rear naked choke, Waalk moved into full mount where he landed a series of strikes that caused the referee to finish the bout.

Waalk is now on a two-fight win streak.

The fight was Pait’s first loss. His sole previous amateur bout was a win from three months ago.

Bout 1: Gannon Hayes (1-1) vs. Jonny Morales (1-1) (Amateur Featherweight)

Hayes Gets First CFFC Win With Guillotine Choke

Jonny Morales showed his ability to grapple while on his back in the opening amateur fight, submitting Gannon Hayes with a guillotine choke in the second round.

Hayes scored a takedown early in the second round, taking full guard on top. Morales took advantage of this position while on his back, attempting a guillotine choke that caused the tap.

The first round was a close one that saw both fighters have their moments.

Hayes was deducted a point only seconds into the fight for hitting Morales with an elbow while on the ground. The amateur MMA rules being used for this event did not permit elbows. Hayes was able to secure many takedowns in the first round. Morales connected with a hard right hand during an exchange in the first round, visibly wobbling Hayes.

Morales was returning after losing his CFFC debut in his previous appearance.

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