Lowered Guard: Dana White’s Bizarre Meals

“Lowered Guard” is a series at Knockdown News that takes things a little less seriously than usual. It gives us a chance to have a little fun and sometimes appreciate the wackier side of MMA.

UFC President Dana White can be a controversial figure at times. He’s animated, outspoken, and isn’t afraid to exchange harsh words with his own fighters or competition he is feuding with.

But that’s not all he should be controversial for. What if I told you he is committing crimes to the culinary world on a weekly basis?

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch. But White has an series online called “#F***ItFriday,” where he tries wild food every week and gives his review. Sometimes the meals are awful and he reacts accordingly. Other times the meals are still awful but he actually likes them. And sometimes they are sort of underwhelming.

White’s meal series has always been interesting to me. It can be repulsive but other times not bad. And I’m not the only one that has felt this way. I have spoken to numerous people before who have been quite intrigued by this series.

So, of course, I did a deep dive. I tracked down all of the episodes, watched them, and made a spreadsheet. Who says I don’t do investigative journalism?

Here are my findings.

Humble Beginnings

White’s “#F***ItFriday” series had a false start in 2020. He shot two episodes in September 2020, then the series got abandoned for eight months. It returned out of nowhere in May 2021 with no acknowledgment of the break. And yes, I confirmed this by going through all of White’s Instagram posts. And he posts a lot.

The first episode was an odd one. He created a “Mana-Rita” using The Rock’s Teremana drink brand. We never got a review as he never drank it. This recipe was not only not that “F*** It” worthy, but we have no proof White even had it or liked it.

The Wild Meals That White Hated

White is generally positive toward the meals he is given on the show. However, what makes it interesting is how he will also say when he dislikes things. White hated just a few of the meals that I put in the two categories associated with weird food (“Crossing A Line” and “Violation”).

One of the worst ones was from June 2021, when he had “Spaghetti Bolognese Stuffed French Bread Sandwich.” This was spaghetti shoved into a vertically positioned baguette that was hollowed out. White noted that it was “f***** terrible.”

White also disliked “Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll,” although I feel like part of that can be attributed to the fact that he burnt his mouth badly while eating.

In September, White tried “Donut Grilled Cheese,” which is a grilled cheese sandwich with a sliced donut as the bread. White channeled his inner acting skills to deliver a chilling line during his review: “I was expecting to love this. I don’t love it.”

An honorable mention goes to “Kool-Aid Pickles,” which came in three flavors. White toughened it out and tried out all three that he was given, so props to him for that.

The Wild Meals That White Liked

Some of the more wild meals that were made on the show got good reviews from White. This included a recent hit that saw him recreate the candy-based spaghetti that was consumed by Buddy in the movie Elf. White admits he didn’t expect to enjoy it but did.

A July meal that felt particularly over the top got a raving review from White. The UFC President described a “Cotton Candy Burrito” (a chunk of ice cream wrapped in a large amount of cotton candy, among other sweets) as “excellent.”

Another one worth mentioning is the “Fruity Pebbles Stuffed French Toast.” It might not sound too bad to you, but the ingredients really disgusted me: strawberry cream cheese stuffing, bourbon maple butter, whipped cream, and Howler Head maple syrup? I’m good.

The Weirdly Normal Meals White Liked

I have joked with friends before about how some weeks of the show don’t actually feel that worthy of an episode. Some episodes feel like food that is outside of the box but not outrageous or weird by any means.

This includes “Hangover Breakfast Fries,” which seem to just be loaded fries. Or “Peanut Butter Ramen,” which is ramen noodles with peanut butter sauce. Is dorm food now considered wild to eat?

Some of these meals were not too bad recommendations for things to try out, although they sort of strayed away from the topic here.

There was also an incredibly odd episode with Barstool’s Dave Portnoy where they ate a frozen pizza. Not only was it weird because the food was quite normal, but it felt like a long comedy skit with two characters that don’t get along.


My very important research on this topic included counting the outcome of each video. As you can see by the tallies above, most meals were enjoyed by White.

My detailed spreadsheet on every single episode can be viewed here if you’re interested.

In total, this series by White draws a variety of emotions. In all honestly, I can’t say this show is bad. It has drawn some type of morbid curiosity from me. Every week I wonder what we’re going to see: a meal I’ve had before, or a meal I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole?

I can certainly commend White and the minds behind this series for what it is: fun and short social media content that gets people talking. However, please don’t ask me to ever guest star on it. That is, unless I’m getting placed on one of those episodes where we’re just making noodles or something.

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