Eduardo Perez Stops Returning Bobby Maximus On ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Top draft pick Eduardo Perez had a dominant performance on this week’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter,” stopping returning vet Bobby Maximus in the first round of their heavyweight bout.

Perez stopped Maximus by landing a series of ground and pound shots from half guard. Maximus had no counter to the punches and elbows on the ground, causing the referee to step in and end the fight eventually.

Maximus also got touched up during stand-up exchanges earlier on in the fight. He aimed to control the bout in the opening moments with clinch takedowns, although Perez was quick to spring back up to his feet.

Perez’s semi-final win marked the first finish of the season through five weeks.

Perez entered the season with a pro record of four wins and one loss. With his win this week, he joins Mohammed Usman and Zac Pauga in the semi-finals of the heavyweight bracket for this season.

Maximus entered this season with one of the more unique backstories. The 43-year-old had previously fought back on Season 2 of “TUF” and had a short UFC run in 2006. His fight this season was the first time he fought in more than a decade.

The next week of “TUF” is scheduled to have a flyweight fight between Claire Guthrie and Juliana Miller. The fight is a rematch from 2021, as Guthrie previously beat Miller via unanimous decision on an Invicta FC card.

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