UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa Accused of Striking Nurse During Vaccine Dispute

High-ranked UFC middleweight Paulo Costa is scheduled to appear in court after an alleged incident with a nurse that turned physical.

A nurse in Contagem, Brazil, has alleged that Costa elbowed them after he attempted to steal a proof of COVID-19 vaccination card. News of this allegation was first reported by Carolina Caetano of Globo.

Costa, along with the nurse, were questioned at a police station in Brazil after the incident. Municipal guard Marco Mota provided details to Globo about what was claimed by both parties.

It is alleged that Costa, 31, appeared Monday at a venue to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The fighter refused to take the vaccine offered by a nurse, and instead attempted to take an already filled out card that said he took a shot.

The nurse alleged that Costa was asked to leave, and that she was elbowed in the “mouth” during this exchange.

Costa claims that things didn’t go that way.

Per a statement by the municipal guard, Costa said that he received a vaccination but was not given a proof of vaccination card afterward. When he took a card, Costa alleged that one of his arms was grabbed by the nurse. He then says he broke his arm free from the exchange.

Costa has reportedly agreed to appear in front of the Special Criminal Court of the municipality regarding the incident, per Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting.

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