UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Contracts COVID-19, Claims He Took Ivermectin To Treat It

UFC broadcaster and famous podcaster Joe Rogan has contracted COVID-19, per a statement he posted to social media Wednesday.

Rogan claims he has started to recover from the virus, mentioning that he feels “great” now.

Rogan says he started to feel symptoms on Sunday night.

“I got fevers [and] sweats. I knew what was going on … I got tested, and turns out I got COVID[-19],” said Rogan in an Instagram post.

Rogan, 54, claimed that he took numerous medications in an attempt to treat his symptoms – among them was ivermectin.

The anti-parasite drug has been controversial as of late, as thousands have taken the drug despite there being no proof of it being an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Many have resorted to taking a version of ivermectin made for horses due to stock in a traditional version of the drug running low. The FDA has warned people to not take the drug, especially stressing that the animal product “can be highly toxic in humans.”

Rogan also claims he took monoclonal antibodies, zithromax (referred to in the video as “Z-Pac,” also known as azithromycin), and prednisone.

He noted in the video that his bout with the virus has forced him to move a comedy event in Nashville, Tennessee, USA to October.

Rogan has been slammed in the past for hosting COVID-19 misinformation on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The show, which Spotify acquired last year in a nine-figure deal, has hosted false claims that COVID-19 vaccines are “gene therapy” and that deaths related to the virus have been overcounted.

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